7-in-1 English Bible (with search function)


Bible Versions King James Version/New American Standard Bible/World English Bible/New Living Translation/
New International Version/New International Reader's Version/Today's New International Version
Software Author K C Siaw
License Free Edition
Platforms Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
Version V2.0
Release Date November 11, 2015
File size 884 MB
Download link 7-in-1-English-Bible-V2.zip
Descriptions This Bible software contains seven versions of English Bible integrated into one. They are King James Version, New International Version, New International Reader's Version, Today's New International Version, New American Standard Bible, New Living Translation and World English Bible. The seven versions of the Holy Bible are presented in HTML format. You can listen to the corresponding MP3 audio file as you read each chapter of the Bible. This software comes with a search function. With the program, you can search seven versions of the Bible verses with ease. Search terms are highlighted in the search result. In addition, this Bible software supports comparison of Bible verses in 7 translations.
Declaration Due to copyright issues, only MP3 files corresponding to the first chapters of each book are provided for your testing and verification.

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